During the spring semester you will once again explore a single photography theme in depth.  Before you decide on the subject of your project, read photographer David du Chemin's blog post, "Going Beyond the Single Image," about how photographing personal projects, or bodies of work, can be a huge step forward for most photographers.  The essay offers inspiration and an informed perspective about the benefits of personal photography projects, and includes examples of various photographers' long-term bodies of work.

In the spirit of "Going Beyond The Single Image," I would like you to design your own personal “project," for the spring semester. Think back upon the lessons you learned during your fall project, and apply those lessons when planning your new project.

From an outside observer's perspective, the biggest issue for the group was the lack of committment to the project. For that reason, I strongly suggest that you choose a topic you can revisit frequently -something that you can photograph during your daily experience on campus.

Aside from that, your project can be any subject, literally anything. Here are a few ideas to get you started: a series of B&W abstracts, a photo documentary on phone addiction, student fashion, natural light portraits, an exploration of color, an exploration of line, shadow and shape, an exploration of light painting, the alphabet seen in objects. In order to avoid the issues the group experienced with the first project, your new subject should be something you can "get into," something that you enjoy doing for yourself -with reliable frequency.

For inspiration, look at the projects/stories on the websites of Steve Babuljak and Martin Klimek

Next, type me your personal project proposal. 
Use the Google Doc that I have shared in Adv. Photo Google Classroom.
In your proposal you need to describe the following:
What is your project about?
How will you photograph it?
When will you photograph it?
What will it look like when you are finished?
•What do you hope your project teaches you about photography?